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Allying with Sistema in 1998, Köytür set off in order to merge the group  which had consisted of the 14 manufacturing and service companies located under the existing structure of Köy-Tür Holding  “under a single corporate organization”.

By evaluating these 14 companies, each of which had been stand-alone companies under the existing Köytür structure, and also the holding head quarters with respect to their

  • existing organizational structures
  • objectives and performance indicators
  • processes
  • managerial approaches and practices
  • corporate cultures,

an organizational structure which was most appropriate to the strategic objectives of the enterprise were designed in a way that merged the 14-company-group “under a single corporate organization”.

Sistema team interviewed all of the managers, organized workshops and performed on-site evaluations by visiting all of the companies which were spread across Turkey.

For each of the departments suggested for the new organizational structure, department mission summaries were prepared and for the managerial positions (beginning from the top and going down to the supervisor level) job descriptions, accountability and authorization limits, and profiles of the positions were designed.

So as to clarify the collaboration needs, responsibility and accountability boundaries supporting matrices were developed with the RACI (Responsibility Charting) technique.

The operational efficiency and business results of the project has got wide coverage in the economy press.

Besides defining the new organization, SISTEMA, reported suggestions related to the following issues which were critical enablers for the new organization.

  • The managerial approach and systems that the new organization must be built on
  • The work flows that must be realigned and the information systems requirements which would support the execution
  • The priorities of the improvement initiatives and new processes


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"Sistema has completely fulfilled the accountabilities prescribed in the Restructuring Project contract of Köy-Tür and finished the project with great accuracy and dedication.

Sistema continues supporting the  implementation phase and further requirements from us far beyond the defined project deliverables."



General Manager
of Köy-Tür Poultry Production and Trading A.Ş.